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There are 6 main components to channel letters. The cool part about Channel Letters are the many options of each of these 6 components. When you mix and match various material finishes and colors it literally creates a limitless series of options.


Let us help you in designing the perfect sign for your customer. Our team of highly qualified designers can help you from the smallest project to a whole building re-branding.


Is 2-3 days for wholesale Channel Letters fast enough for you?

Our job is to be the miracle team that builds the wholesale Channel Letters in LESS THAN a week without scraficing quality.

Some of our Clients

Channel Letter Verizon
Channel Letter Sinster
Channel Letter Maxwells
Channel Letter Math Monkey
Channel Letter Jolli Pop
Channel Letter FranchiseMart
Channel Letter Blackstone
Channel Letter Gold's Gym

Why Choose Channel Letter Wholesale

Tired of waiting for quotes or even worse delays in fabrication? We pride ourselves on our excellent pricing, and unbelievable turnaround time. Full service UL listed Sign Manufacturer specializing in Wholesale Channel Letters. Insanely quick fabrication and superb customer service. Aside from our expert sign fabricators we utilize state of the art sign manufacturing equipment from router tables to Accu-Bend Channel Letter machines. So call or email Channel Letter Wholesale today, you will be happy you did.

  • Great Service
  • Modern Designs
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  • Built With Pride
  • Green Options Available


When deciding on a set of Channel Letters for your business, you are bombarded with a lot of options. One of the common decisions you have to make is how you want to mount your Channel Letters. We understand that you want your wholesale channel letter set to be perfect as your sign will impact your business in a big way, so we've provided you with some information to help your decision.

Our Company Mission
We pride ourselves on our aggressive wholesale pricing, quality of work from start to finish and our impeccable customer service.

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