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What colors are best for channel letters?

We get asked every day which color is best to light up a channel letter face. We always teach our customers that there are many factors used in choosing what color face to use for your Channel Letters.

What colors do the neighbors have for their Channel Letters? Oftentimes, we recommend making sure to choose a unique color option for your client so their electric Channel Letters stand out in a crowd. However, if every tenant in a retail center has red channel letter faces be sure to contact the landlord to make sure that isn't their rule in the first place!

Is your client on a budget? There are a few great sign color options that are VERY bright and help keep the costs down. For example, red on red (the double-threat) is a great vibrant solution. Red acrylic is a great solution, especially when lit with our super-bright red LED's.

Does your client have a really cool logo? Unique colors? We can produce some amazing channel letter color options with translucent vinyl or by using our state-of-the-art flatbed printer that prints any color or gradient directly to the channel letter face.

Does color matter for Channel Letters?

Is color choice for Channel Letters important? We can show you how to make your exterior sign project stand out!

We are often asked how color can help make Channel Letters more appealing, or "what colors look the best?" The truth is, there are many great color combinations for Channel Letter signs.

One of the greatest ways you can "upgrade" the project for your clients and increase your price is by offering custom vinyl on the faces of each Channel Letter. Translucent vinyl goes a long way for adding that extra POW to exterior sign designs. The old school days of red faces being the norm are long gone!

How fast can you produce wholesale Channel Letters?

There is nothing better than getting those fun emails from our customers when they ask "How fast can you produce this set of Channel Letters?" and we respond back with...

Is 2-3 days for wholesale Channel Letters fast enough for you?

We understand our role in your shop... our job is to be the miracle team that builds the wholesale Channel Letters in LESS THAN a week... so that you can be the hero for your customer!

Permits can be a hassle, sometimes you can't get the landlord to sign off on the job quickly, or maybe your client just jumped up their grand opening date? Whatever the reason, we built our company on the concept that we can build your Channel Letters faster, cheaper and with the highest level of quality in the market. Because you need that service!

What's Better for Mounting Channel Letters? Raceway Mount or Flush Mount?

When deciding on a set of Channel Letters for your business, you are bombarded with a lot of options. One of the common decisions you have to make is how you want to mount your Channel Letters. We understand that you want your wholesale Channel Letter set to be perfect as your sign will impact your business in a big way, so we've provided you with some information to help your decision.

Raceway Mount Channel Letters

One of the main benefits of using raceway mount Channel Letters is all of the wiring for the entire sign is clean, and protected inside the raceway. This means that future servicing of the sign can be completed from outside in a bucket and you will not have to be inside the building.

Additionally, a typical raceway only requires 3 holes per raceway to be drilled into the wall, which most landlords prefer as it does less damage to their building. With this minimal amount of drilling required, it drastically improves the installation time.

One of the disadvantages is with all of the letters attached to the raceway, it creates much larger pieces, which make the sign more difficult and expensive to ship.

While the installation is faster, it does require more equipment as a crane is required to lift the raceway, while another bucket is required to mount it to the wall.

Also, the raceway may not always look as clean. While it can be painted to match your building, many times it can still be noticeable for nicer buildings.

Flush Mount Channel Letters

With flush mount Channel Letters, they generally have a cleaner look to them as each letter is directly mounted to the building.

Furthermore, with the lack of a raceway, money can be saved on both material costs and shipping costs, as the letters easily fit into smaller boxes.

The main cons to flush mount Channel Letters deal with the installation and servicing. Installation requires roughly 3-5 hols per letter drilled into the wall, and the wiring needs to be completed by fishing the wires through the wall and completing the wiring on the other side. This also increases the difficulty of servicing the sign after installation because the difficulty of getting to the wires.

Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages to each, but hopefully by reviewing your needs and understanding what you are getting with each type of mount, you can make an educated decision to get what you are wanting our of your set of wholesale Channel Letters.

Are all LED light suppliers the same?

Of course not! We have "tested" most of them... have been approached by ALL of them. And have settled on the one brand that really performs day in and day out. For lighting our Channel Letter signs we always use JT LED as our standard. The lighting is incredibly consistent, always a nice even illumination across the Channel Letter face and has proven to be very dependable in weather conditions across the entire country.

Be wary of other manufacturers who are afraid to specify exactly which brand of LED's they use in their Channel Letters. The lighting component is by far the most important element of the Channel Letters.

Any More Tips?

Over the years, our clients have shared some of their top tricks and tips for closing more Channel Letter sales. We have collected a few of those electric sign sales tricks here for you!

Be honest with your customers. Don't try to come across like you have sold every set of Channel Letters in your city, share your portfolio and tell your prospect that your team is very focused on becoming the leader in your marketplace for electric Channel Letters.

Don't sound like a used car salesman! Most smart customers can see right through the tricksl Don't try to use big sign industry words, or focus on the electrical element. This just confuses your customer and makes them trust you less. Channel Letters are just another sign like their window graphics, lobby sign and other types of permanent signage to them.

Know all the parts of Channel Letters! It is very important that you can simply and articulately describe the handful of parts that comprise of a set of Channel Letters. You do not want to stumble on a simple question when the prospect is pointing at their neighbors sign.

Design a sharp looking rendering to turn in with your quote. This is one of the most important tips that our customers share with us. While it comes as a shock to us, many sign companies still do not create a rendering on the photograph of the building facade. This alone can close deals!

 Show up to the appointment within 24 hours of their call in to your sign shop! Over and over, time and time again... we hear that there is really one BIG SECRET to selling more Channel Letters. Our biggest customers always talk about how they get ahead of their competition because they are the only ones that show up for the appointments! If you are serious about selling more Channel Letter signs, get organized and be the first sign shop in your town to show up for the appointment!


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