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Quoting & Production Process
So what makes our quoting and production process stand out in the wholesale sign manufacturing crowd? We like to think our fantastic sense of humor and true passion for the sign business... but in truth, we know it is the fact that we truly understand the importance of responsive emails and phone calls and the need to constantly keep you in the loop through the entire process. Remember, we built our wholesale channel letter business out of necessity after burning through so many "qualified subcontractors" that we just couldn't take it anymore.
So we would like to outline our entire process for quoting and manufacturing wholesale channel letters:
1. Quick Quotes:
We love hearing "I can't believe you quoted that in less than an hour!" or "are you sure that price is right? I just sent it over this afternoon!". Our goal is to get you a quote within hours, but know that you will absolutely receive it the same day. This is our first promise to you.
2. Quote and Specification Follow-up:
Most of you are sign experts, known as the go-to sign company in your market. But at all we do is fabricate Channel Letters! We don't pretend to build sign cabinets or route 3D letters for our wholesale clients, we JUST build Channel Letters. With this in mind, our 20+ years experience in the sign fabrication industry means we have a lot to offer when it comes to assisting our clients with "trimming off the fat" so-to-speak when we work up our quotes and channel letter specifications. There is a very good chance that we can help with slight revisions to your design to bring your costs down and we are always quick to offer those solutions. We are not looking to close one wholesale sign project sale at a time... we want long-term relationships with the sign companies we work for.
You can expect follow-up phone calls and emails, along with questions about how we might modify your channel letter design so that the costs can decrease allowing you a better chance to beat your competition and still keep a great margin on the project.
3. Starting the Order:
Your time is valuable, and we always keep this in the top of our mind. While many wholesale sign companies will let 2-3 days fly by during the initial stages of the order it is our utmost goal to get your from approving the order to sending this job back to our sign fabrication team as quickly as possible.
One of the first elements to take care of is our required 50% deposit. We accept all major credit cards, business checks and of course money orders. Please note that the deposit stage is an important one for us, so that we can make sure to order all of your required sign materials in as swiftly as possible.
The next step in the process is sending you a detailed specification page that outlines exactly what we will be fabricating. This is perhaps the most important step in the entire manufacturing process. We take all the necessary precautions to outline all of the material types, colors and sizes accurately so that you can give us a final approval of those sign specifications. Please make sure to take the time to review the entire page, colors and sizes are a critical element of making sure you receive exactly the sign you are looking for!
4. Channel Letter Fabrication:
This is where we really go to work and show you what we are made of! Our team organizes the entire project, prepares a materials checklist and a detailed time line for the entire sign project. The work is spread across our team based on their specialties, from running our machines to assembling the letters to painting the raceways.
Our typical turn-around time to produce a standard size set of Channel Letters is 10-15 business days. At least this is what we put on our website! In truth, nearly all of our projects are completed within one working week and are ready to ship out to your facility right away.
5. Quality Check:
As a strong UL listed sign manufacturer, we have an extensive checklist that actually requires 3... yes 3 different people at our office to sign off on. The person who completed the final assembly, the Production Manager and even the Company President sign off on each set of Channel Letters we ship out to you. No set of Channel Letters leaves our facility without seeing each letter or capsule lit up and ready to be installed. All faces are checked for a nice tight fit and raceways are inspected for all painting and final mounting of the letters.
6. Crating & Shipping:
Lastly, your Channel Letters are expertly crated using wood and luan for a complete surround. Unlike many other wholesale sign companies, we do NOT ship our signs with open sides or lids. While it is often misconstrued as a joke, our crating department literally has to stand on top of the sign crate before it can be shipped out. We use multiple shipping freight companies to ensure that we are able to get our clients the best rates possible. We constantly receive multiple shipping quotes from the shippers to make sure that they are competitive.
7. Final phone call and delivery:
Once your sign has been fabricated and crated we will contact you to notify you that your wholesale Channel Letter project is ready to ship. We will collect the final balance via credit card (or other method of your choice) and will immediately get your crate loaded up onto a delivery truck.

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