Front and Back Lit Letters

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The newest trend in channel lettering is front and reverse lit channel letters. We are getting more and more request for this type of letter and we can understand why. They are a great option to make any business look more modern with the lighting in the front and back.  The back lighting truly sets of the the building architecture. 


Like front lit Channel Letters are 6 main components to Front and reverse lit Channel Letters.

Acrylic Face

the acrylic face is literally the part that lights up! white, red, blue, yellow, clear... and much more

we always use 3/16" sign grade acrylic (we do not shortcut with 1/8" acrylic)

premium translucent vinyl is often applied to our channel letter faces to enhance the color options

full color digital printing onto translucent digital media allows us to create fancy fades, outlines, drop shadows and much more for our channel letter acrylic faces

Edgecap Trim

channel letter trimcap is about a lot more than adding a sharp accent color! glued directly to the acrylic face, and then screwed into the return

the edgecap is one of the most important parts of the channel letter project

various standard colors; black, white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow etc.

premium metallic trimcap colors are available too; chrome gold and silver and a really sharp duronodic bronze.

Channel Letter edgecap can be custom painted, but the process is very involved and often too expensive

if you have a client with 50+ sets of Channel Letters we can have your trimcap custom produced in any color

Return (sides)

typically 5" wide, creating a perfect depth for LED lighting

Channel Letter returns are made of .032 aluminum

multiple stock colors are available; black, white, red, light & dark blue, light & dark green, duronodic bronze.

premium brushed silver and gold Channel Letter returns are available too!

the returns are permanently fastened to the backer using our Accu-Clinch pneumatic equipment. No fasteners (rivets or staples means NO FAILURES!)



For standard front and back lit Channel Letters 30" and smaller we use 3/16" clear acrylic.

For Channel Letters larger than 30" we use 1/4" Clear acrylic for the extra strength it brings to the letter

Sometimes your client is looking for that extra piece to bring the sign together. We recommend a dibond backer to really have the back lit jump of the surface and make the sign really shine. 

You can order the dibond in Black or white.

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