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Frontlit channel letters are our specialty! Frontlit Channel Letters go well flush mounted or with a raceway. We take pride in the fabrication of our UL listed Channel Letters and below you can see what we use.



Acrylic Face

  • The acrylic face is literally the part that lights up!
  • White, red, blue, yellow, and many more...
  • We always use 3/16" sign grade acrylic
  • Premium translucent vinyl can be added to enhance the colors!
  • Full color digital printing onto translucent digital media allows us to create fancy fades, outlines, drop shadows and much more for our channel letter acrylic faces

Edgecap Trim

  • The trim is glued directly to the acrylic face, and then screwed into the return
  • We used various standard colors; black, white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow etc.
  • Don't forget premium metallic trimcap colors are available too; chrome, gold, silver, and bronze.
  • Channel Letter edgecap can be custom painted, but the process is very involved and more expensive

Return (sides)

  • Typically 5" deep, creating a perfect depth for LED lighting
  • Channel Letter returns are made of .032 aluminum
  • There are multiple stock colors are available; black, white, red, light & dark blue, light & dark green, duranodic bronze.
  • Premium brushed silver and gold Channel Letter returns are available too!
  • Our returns are permanently fastened to the backer using our Accu-Clinch pneumatic equipment. No fasteners rivets or staples means NO FAILURES!


  • Backers are made with .040 aluminum
  • In every application the Channel Letter backer is white so that it bounces the LED lights towards the face of the sign for optimal lighting
  • We NEVER use MDO wood or scrap PVC... these materials are not UL listed and lead to nothing but problems!


  • Raceways are a very important element for a standard set of Channel Letters.
  • Not only are the individual letters mounted directly to the raceway, but it conceals and protects the wiring that illuminates the LED's inside
  • We custom build our raceways out of .040 aluminum
  • The lid at the top extends the entire length so that you can easily access the wiring or power supply inside
  • Our standard raceway is 5" deep and 8" tall (nice and slim so they don't protrude out from the wall any further than necessary!)
  • There are 5 stock colors for raceways (white, black, tan, burgundy & dark brown)
  • We can custom paint raceways, please supply a color
  • It is important to note that approximately 30% of the Channel Letter projects we build for our clients do not actually have a raceway. These are considered "flush mount" or "direct mount" Channel Letters. While they are very common for a nicer finish, it does make the installation a bit more complicated as a significant amount of wiring must be done behind the walls.

LED lighting

  • LED's are the state of the art lighting solution and are used in 100% of our Channel Letter signs.
  • Sure, we can still do neon... but only in an application where the city absolutely requires it (or for open face neon signs). In truth, this is incredibly rare nowadays.
  • We typically use Samsung LED's for their consistency, excellent warranty and solid price point.
  • It is important to note that the LED's are in fact the majority of the cost on a wholesale set of Channel Letters, so please note that choosing excessive bold letters or extra large capsules will increase the cost accordingly
  • Over the years we have tested and used all of the major brands of LED's from Sloan to GE Tetra. We have no problem using a certain LED if you have specified a required brand. Please let us know during the time of quoting so that we do not need to make adjustments in the estimate later.
  • LED's are at least 80% more efficient and environmentally beneficial than neon.
  • We ONLY use UL listed LED lighting and electrical components!

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